Congratulations to the newest cohort of elected NASPA leaders!

NASPA members are invited annually to participate in electing the Board Chair-Elect of the NASPA Board of Directors as well as the leadership of our Regions and Knowledge Communities. NASPA is made possible by the exceptional contributions of our volunteers.

If you have questions about the election process, please contact the NASPA Office at office@naspa.org or 202-265-7500.

Looking to lead, or just get involved? There are always a variety of opportunities waiting for you in Volunteer Central. No matter your available time, professional level, or expertise, we encourage you to volunteer to make deeper connections and further engage with your SA community.

Board Chair
Knowledge Communities

2024-2025 NASPA Board of Directors

Assessment, Evaluation, and Research

Asian Pacific Islander

Black Diaspora

Indigenous Peoples

Orientation, Transition, and Retention

Student Government

Transracial Adoptee and Multiracial

Womxn in Student Affairs