Doris Michiko Ching Award for Excellence as a Student Affairs Professional*

Supporting the Profession Mid-Level Senior Level
Application Deadline: October 6, 2023 | Award Type: national

Named for a former Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Hawaii and the first woman of color and first Asian Pacific Islander to be elected Chair of the NASPA Board of Directors (1999-2000) and Chair of the NASPA Foundation Board (2002-2004), this award honors a student affairs professional at the mid-level, senior-level, or AVP-level whose outstanding commitment to the profession includes development of programs that address the needs of students, creation of a campus environment that promotes student learning and development, and support of and active engagement in NASPA. View rubric.

*Previous to 2015, this award was formerly named the Mid-Level Student Affairs Professional Award.

The 2025 Doris Michiko Ching Award for Excellence as a Student Affairs Professional is accepting nominations from July 31, 2024 through October 9, 2024.


2024 Current Recipient

Award Criteria

  • Professional responsibility for the direction, oversight, and/or supervision of one or more student affairs functional areas, and/or one or more professional staff members
  • Record of innovative programming that has had an impact on the home campus environment in one or more functional areas of student affairs
  • Volunteer service to the association via leadership roles at the state, regional, national, or international levels
  • Active individual NASPA membership
  • Progression from entry-level to senior-level leadership roles within NASPA’s volunteer ranks

Past Recipients


2013 | Juan R. Guardia
2012 | Wendy Endress
2011 | Bobby Kunstman
2010 | Jesse Ketterman
2009 | Christine A. Quemuel
2008 | Cedric D. Hackett

2007 | Marlene Kowalski-Braun
2006 | Mimi Benjamin
2005 | Mari Kruger
2004 | Jill Kloppenburg Carr; Wayne Young, Jr
2003 | Les Cook; Kristen Swan
2002 | Daniel H. Stallings