Zenobia Hikes Memorial Award

Supporting the Profession Center for Women Graduate Mid-Level New Professional
Application Deadline: October 23, 2023 | Award Type: division groups

The Zenobia Hikes Memorial Award, sponsored by the NASPA Center for Women, recognizes a NASPA member who has demonstrated a commitment to the advancement of women in higher education and student affairs. This award celebrates NASPA members who have influenced their communities to promote environments that help students become engaged citizens and emerging leaders.

For this award, the term "student affairs" is broadly defined to include professionals who focus on student success, invest in the holistic student engagement experience, encourage healthy behaviors and prevention initiatives, and/or promote student advocacy and inclusion. The Hikes Award celebrates NASPA members who focus on student development as students become engaged citizens and emerging leaders. The Hikes Award recipient will be honored for their contributions to campus(es) first and foremost, and as a byproduct, their contributions to the greater communities.

The Hikes Award recognizes NASPA members with at least 10 years of full-time work in student affairs who demonstrate a commitment to the advancement of women in higher education and to student affairs. Examples of these commitments include student impact, administrative service, professional development activities, and mentoring. 

Nominations of self or colleagues will include:

  • Narrative/Letter (statement/reflections of contributions) - required
  • Resume/CV - highly recommended
  • Up to two recommendation letters 

Nominations have closed for the 2023 Zenobia Hikes Memorial Award. The application for 2024 will open on August 23, 2023 with a deadline of October 23, 2023.




  • Start early! Make sure to provide nominee ample time to provide you with an updated resume. This will also allow you sufficient time to develop a strong letter of recommendation.
  • For the nominee narrative, use the format that you are most comfortable with. The purpose is to highlight your nominee in the best possible light!
  • Nominees should consider requesting letters from those who can address not only the criteria, but also peak to their strengths as a leader and advocate for women in student affairs. 

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