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Handbook of Student Affairs 5th Edition - Cover

The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration (5th Edition)

Career and Workforce Development Supporting the Profession New Professionals and Graduate Students Professional Standards Division Faculty Graduate Mid-Level New Professional
January 25, 2023 George S. McClellan Judy Marquez Kiyama

The foremost scholars in student affairs discuss issues facing the field today, approaches to those issues, and skills necessary to enact the approaches.

Professionals in student affairs administration need practical, timely, and applied information on the myriad issues they encounter in supporting the success of the students and the institutions they serve. In The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration, the top scholars in the field share the latest information, methods, and advice on addressing these issues. The book is sponsored by NASPA, the leading professional organization for student affairs in higher education.

This fifth edition has been updated to reflect current and effective techniques in student affairs administration including new chapters on anti-oppressive frameworks and equity in praxis, access for students with disabilities, men and masculinities, support for students’ mental health and well-being, and student employment as learning-integrated work. There is also an emphasis throughout on adult learners, online learners, part-time students, and transfer students. Chapter authors of diverse gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, experiential background, and type of institution offer broader perspectives.

  • Learn about the dominant organization and administration models in student affairs
  • Stay up to date on core competencies and professional development models
  • Discover research-based strategies for addressing both emerging and lasting issues in student affairs
  • Instructor resources available

The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration is a comprehensive and thoughtful resource, with expert insight on the issues facing student affairs. This is one handbook students and professionals in the field won’t want to go without.

Hardcover | 2023 | 672 pages

ISBN: 978-1119691976

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Praise for The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration (5th Edition)

"The fifth edition of The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration offers readers a robust examination of best practices related to serving students in Higher Education. Practitioners who aim to serve students by providing solutions for problems related to equity, ethics and social justice in Higher Education would benefit from reading this book." Tommy (TJ) Walker, Ed.D., Northwest Mississippi Community College, District Dean of Student Services

"The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration continues to serve as a valuable and accessible resource to new and experienced professionals working in higher education. Drs. McClellan and Marquez Kiyama have assembled thoughtful chapter authors who guided their discussion using the professional competencies for student affairs educators, which significantly embodies a developmental and equity-minded approach." Jeffrey C. Sun, J.D., Ph.D., Professor and Distinguished University Scholar, Director, SKILLS Collaborative, University of Louisville