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We’re Still First: Navigating the Hidden Curriculum as a First-gen Professional

We’re Still First: Navigating the Hidden Curriculum as a First-gen Professional

Student Success Career and Workforce Development
June 16, 2020   |  3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Leslie Pendleton, Ph.D. Erica Aguiar Paul Metellus Agassy Rodriguez Cara Snider
Please Note: Time zones are in Eastern.

As more first-generation student affairs professionals enter the professional field, the need to understand their first-generation professional identity and previous educational experiences is crucial. Their contributions to the field may impact the way we offer support and supervise. The hidden curriculum of higher education does not only apply to first-generation college students as our new professionals may experience similar feelings of imposter syndrome, struggle to develop capital and find a supportive professional community. As supervisors and colleagues, considering the assets and strengths that first-generation professionals bring, are equally important to how we nurture and mentor them in the field. The voice they bring to the profession and their ability to support our first-generation student communities is unparalleled and must also drive our inclusive approach to their holistic professional development.

The first-generation new professional presenters will share how they have each navigated their post-graduate employment experiences, provide validation and advice to new professionals, and offer guidance for supervisors of first-generation staff. The format of the presentation will be delivered content, panel-style format and guided questions for reflection and dialogue.

Learning Outcomes

By participating in this session, attendees will be able to:

  • discuss contemporary challenges first-generation, new professionals may face in the early part of their careers;
  • describe the assets first-generation new professionals bring to the workplace and to higher education; and
  • recognize the challenges they or their supervisees may face as new professionals.
Course Length
60 Minutes
Course Type
Live Briefing

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