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May 31, 2024

Participant Applications Due

June 26, 2024

Selection Notifications Sent

NASPA Escaleras Institute

Division/Group Events Supporting the Profession Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice Latinx/a/o AVP or "Number Two" Mid-Level Senior Level

With the growing population of Latinx/a/o students entering colleges and universities, NASPA is dedicated to addressing the underrepresentation of Latinx/a/o higher education professionals, particularly those at the senior level who can serve as role models and mentors. Escaleras participants will build essential competencies with a cohort of Latinx/a/o higher education professionals who are dedicated to leading in a vibrant, diverse, global, and socially just higher education environment. Participants will explore current research, pathways to administrative leadership, and challenges and opportunities in leading colleges and universities as Latinx/a/o educators.

This professional development opportunity is designed for self-identified Latinx/a/o student affairs professionals with four or more years of experience in higher education. To facilitate learning and appropriate enrichment, participants will be grouped in a professional-level track according to their current functional level and years of experience.

We are thrilled to announce that the 2024 Escaleras Institute will take place at Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Questions: Monica Nixon (mnixon@naspa.org

Presented By

Estimated Program Costs

For planning purposes, we want to share the following estimated program costs to participate in the 2024 Escaleras Institute:

  • Registration: $495 for NASPA members; $695 for non-members (includes two breakfasts, two lunches, and one dinner; one dinner will be pay-your-own; registration link will be shared with selected participants)
  • Group Rate Lodging at The Heldrich Hotel: $199/night + 18.625% tax (reservation link will be shared with selected participants)
  • Transportation: Nearest airport is Newark Airport (EWR) and nearest train station is New Brunswick Train Station

The program will begin at 10am on Tuesday, October 15, and conclude at 12pm on Thursday, October 17. 

Escaleras: Learning Outcomes

  • Be exposed to, and have the opportunity to collaborate with, Latinx/a/o chief executives and senior student affairs officers
  • Incorporate core competencies, knowledge, skills, experiences, and abilities that are germane to those assuming vice president for student affairs and president positions in the future
  • Explore higher education career pathways and develop and action plan as a Latinx/a/o student affairs professional
  • Apply culturally relevant leadership skills that leverage the strengths of Latinx/a/o culture and honors Latinx/a/o heritage
  • Network with a cohort of Latinx/a/o higher education professionals who are dedicated to leading in a vibrant, diverse, global, and socially just higher education environment
  • Recognize professional organization service opportunities which advance Latinx/a/o student affairs community development (e.g., mentor for a NASPA Undergraduate Fellowship Program, serve on planning team for Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community pre-conference, coordinate local, state, or regional pre-conference institutes)




Apply Now for NASPA Escaleras Institute