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The International Education Knowledge Community is a place for higher education professionals and students to share their unique international perspectives. Our work bridges cultural and geographical divides to continue growing student affairs across the globe. 
Please see our signature events page to submit for our Best Practices Awards, learn more about the International Symposium and the other opportunities to get involved.


As the importance of student affairs continues to grow throughout the world, it’s equally important for there to be continued sharing of knowledge and practices. The International Education Knowledge Community exists to support this dissemination of information and is continually exploring options to expand this goal.

The International Education Knowledge Community has three overall goals:

  1. To stimulate increased awareness of the global perspective in higher education.

  2. To provide a structure and opportunity for members to communicate regarding global issues related to student affairs.  

  3. To encourage professional connections with colleagues in other countries. 

Message from the Co-Chairs

Welcome to the International Education KC! We are constantly working to promote the international view of student affairs and facilitate global communication between student affairs professionals.

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One of the best resources available to you is the wide range of professional development opportunities. This list contains both our “Hosted Events,” workshops and webinars that we plan and manage, and some “Related Events,” hosted by the NASPA Central Office or other NASPA Constituent Groups. To see a full listing of NASPA events, please see the Events page.

Signature Initiatives


For over 25 years, the NASPA International Symposium has been organized before the NASPA Annual Conference as a key venue for professional collaboration and exchange in the field of student affairs between international and American colleagues. A dynamic program features prominent speakers, panels of distinguished professionals from around the world, interactive roundtables, and an excellent opportunity to develop global networks and friendships. As we gather to discuss how we can best prepare our students for meaningful and fruitful lives, Symposium participants are invited to consider global perspectives in our field.  

The IEKC partners with the Global Division and the NASPA International Symposium Chairs to organize this event.  Please contact Janelle Rahyns ( for more information. 


The IEKC hosts Live Briefings through the NASPA Online Learning Community on topics related to international education.  Any member of the IEKC can host a Live Briefing about a hot topic, best practice or interest related to international education.  Please contact Ken Guan ( for more information. 


The Best Practices in International Education Award seeks to recognize domestic and international colleagues and institutions for exceptional work related to international higher education. International and US programs will be honored for their commitment to advancing the dialogue and practice around international higher education in 4 different categories: Intercultural Awareness and Programming, International Programming, Student Abroad Programming and Student Affairs Professional Global Partnership.

This year’s award timeline is as follows:

Application Deadline: November 1 each year

Winners will be announced in December each year and receive their awards at the International Symposium.  You do not have to attend the national conference or International Symposium in order to win.

Submit applications here:  

For more information please contact Ken Guan (


                                        Best Practices in International Education Award

                                                                       Best Practices in International Education Award Application

 The NASPA International Education Knowledge Community recognizes student affairs involvement and collaboration in international education related programs and services around the world.

The goals of these awards are as follows:

  • To encourage recognition of innovative ideas and practices that will help create and sustain new opportunities for international and domestic students.
  • To generate conversation among student affairs professionals regarding internationalization and intercultural initiatives.
  • To inspire awareness and appreciation related to the benefits of international education in the higher education field.

Award winning programs relate to one of the four below categories. Recipients and programs are honored as a part of the annual International Symposium at the NASPA Annual Conference. The International Education Knowledge Community recognizes that many international education initiatives may fall into multiple categories or may not fit perfectly in one of the categories below. We encourage applications for any programs related to international education and ask applicants to select which category is most applicable.


The NASPA IEKC Resources page strives to collect articles, blogs, and other resources helpful to those interested in International Education and experiences. If you have something to contribute as we grow this database, please submit via email to Daniel Kim.


Leadership Team

Knowledge Community leaders are NASPA volunteers who have generously devoted their time to their Knowledge Community. Chairs are elected by the Knowledge Community members while Regional representatives are selected from within the Region. Additional roles are selected by the Knowledge Community.