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Campus Mental Health Across Canada: The Ongoing Impact of COVID-19"

Division/Group Events Supporting the Profession Global Division International Education Wellness and Health Promotion

The Global Division presents, "NASPA Global Hour: Campus Mental Health Across Canada: The Ongoing Impact of COVID-19"

Post-secondary education all over the world has faced tremendous challenges regarding the mental health of students, which has been exacerbated by COVID-19.  

To better understand these challenges and opportunities, in the Spring of 2021, a representative survey of 69 post-secondary institutions across Canada provided an opportunity for student affairs leaders in mental health services to share their experiences. The survey focused on presenting student mental health concerns, the challenges and benefits of remote mental health service delivery, the impact on clinicians and student affairs staff, and insights to support planning for the ongoing realities. This survey was completed by the Campus Mental Health Community of Practice from the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services (CACUSS), with support from the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

The in-depth survey findings will be available shortly in a report authored by the Campus Mental Health CoP, and specifically by Dr. Tayyab Rashid from the University of Toronto in Scarborough and Dr. Lina Di Genova from McGill University.

This event is free. Please signin or create a free NASPA account to access the event. 

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NASPA Global Hour - Tuesday 19 April 2022 - 12:00 PM Eastern Time

About the Global Division

The Global Division

The primary purpose of the Global Division (The Division) is to represent the global interests of NASPA members. The NASPA Global Division represents student affairs educators, practitioners, and professionals around the world. The Division advances international student affairs issues, advocating for intercultural competency and global awareness throughout the association and in the field of student affairs around the world. The Division advocates for global education, and preparing and implementing programs that support student development and professional development worldwide. Collectively, the Division recommends globally oriented strategies to carry out charges from the NASPA Board of Directors.

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Janelle Rahyns, Ph.D.

Director - Global Initiatives and Engagement 

Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education


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